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Nury Crawford, Director of Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Community-Based Mentoring Program for Hispanic students

GCPS educator named to list of “Most Influential Latinos”

Nury Crawford, the director of Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Community-Based Mentoring Program for Hispanic students, has been named one of the 50 Most Influential Latinos in Georgia by the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GHCC), for the second year in a row.

One of the young men participating in her career readiness classes with Rockdale Juvenile Court was shot with two of his friends after the trio had attempted burglary at 4 a.m. in Rockdale county. Karen can’t help but wonder if there had been some type of recreational center or organization that was available would these young men still be alive?

The LEAADS Centers shines light for local youth

The LEAADS Centers, formerly (Law Enforcement Agencies Assisting in the Development of Students) has been providing mentorship, career readiness services for youth in alternative schools and court systems throughout Georgia since 2004. In all that time, the program has expanded —  LEAADS hosts one of the largest summer camps in the city limits — and its mission has morphed to meet the community’s growing needs.

Pop Moe and Taylor Miller

Mentoring through the years

As always, my view from the bleachers is a window on the community. This issue, many of the views shared have been from the graduation arena.

NG3 Staff

NG3 is making a difference!!

NG3…because Character Changes Communities. That is the motto. That is the foundational belief for everything NG3 is doing on our high school campuses and in the communities we live in. Everyday another student athlete is being mentored, another member of the next generation is being taught the importance of making the right choices and the effect those choices have on those around them, another life is being shaped.