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Mountain Park

This drawing shows the intrepid “bucket brigade” which bravely extinguished the Lilburn fire of November 15, 1920 as it raged through the Old Town area, almost wiping out the entire town. Commemoration of this event is scheduled for this Sunday, rain or shine, in downtown Lilburn. (Drawing courtesy of City of Lilburn)

Lilburn commemorates centennial of 1920 Fire

A devastating fire that raged in the early morning hours of Nov. 15, 1920, almost wiping out the downtown area of Lilburn, will be commemorated on the 100th Anniversary of when the community’s heroic volunteer “bucket brigade” saved the town.

The front of the William Garner Home located on Five Forks Trickum Road on three acres.

Mountain Park has a rich history

Mountain Park certainly has a rich history, dating back to Gwinnett County’s birth in 1818, and before that when the Creek and Cherokee Indians lived here. And the name Trickum played a major part. Some residents still refer to the FFT/Rockbridge intersection as Trickum, a name that’s been here since early days.

Stone Mountain, officially opened as a state park in 1965, towers over the Walmart Shopping Center in Mountain Park

Mountain Park Group active in historic area

A community steeped in history dating back 200 years, Mountain Park east of Stone Mountain and Atlanta continues to grow as one of the best places to live in Gwinnett County.