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NFL Kneelers

Letter to the Editor: I salute the flag

I wrote an article critical of the football kneelers. I got pummeled by one reader I do not know, implying I am radical giving too much importance to a piece of cloth.

Let me paint a picture for people who believe Old Glory is unimportant.

NFL Nonsense: An Empathetic Response

One reads with empathy mixed with a measure of disappointment, “NFL Nonsense.. .” by Bill York of Lawrenceville, GA in the May 2018 issue of the Gwinnett Citizen. We are all thankful to Mr. York as well as other members of his family for his military service. His heart-felt reminder of those who gave their last ounce of devotion at Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death March, Normandy, Iwo Jima, et al to preserve American freedom is much needed and touches us all.

NFL Nonsense

Seeing multi-millionaires run, fall, get up, run, fall, get up ad nauseam with silly high-fives bored me so much I quit watching NFL football.

When the spectacle ends, they climb into luxury cars wearing flashy jewelry, drive to lavish homes, enjoy fine cuisine, dress in designer’s clothing then head out for an evening of convincing their naïve minions what princely legends they will become.