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Bill York

Two eyes for an eye

The year was 1960. A large shopping center had just opened. There were no upper-levels for parking. My destination was a restaurant. I pulled into the parking lot. It was full. I drove down a few aisles and saw a couple entering their car. I whipped around two aisles. I was too late. Another car was in front of me. 

Bill York

You’ve got to love those TELEMARKETERS

10:05 PM. Exhausted after a hard day, had just dozed off. Telephone jangles.
Sleepily, “Hello, it’s your dime, talk.”
Syrupy voice, “Is this William York?”

Bill York

What happened to customer service?

While training employees at Sears Roebuck I recall the instruction manual. When there’s a complaint employees are told to apologize first, determine the problem and satisfy the customer’s complaint.

Bill York


 “Did you brush your teeth, Billy Gene?

I was maybe 6 years old.

“Yes, Grandma.”

Bill York

I saw a fox

It was a flame-colored young fox that caught my attention. I have only seen a few while hunting in Georgia. It was running in a ditch alongside the road.

Bill York


Expecting an invasion of Europe by Allied Forces a concrete wall was built by Adolf Hitler, beginning at the border of Spain, along with the French coast, the English Channel and then along the Danish coast continuing the length of the Norwegian west coast.

Bill York

Boy Scout motto, Be Prepared

After retiring from the fur business, I worked for Ace Hardware for seven years. Noticing dust on some shelves, I wondered why there was little turn-over of important merchandise.

Bill York

Wonderful old love songs

Are you lonesome tonight? You keep coming back like a song, I’m making believe, “Laughing on the Outside”, “If I Loved You”, “That’s My Desire”, “My Buddy”….”As Time Goes By”….”That Old Black Magic”, “A Sleepy Lagoon”, “Beautiful Dreamer”, “Besame Mucho”, “Among My Souvenirs”, “Happy Days” and “Lonely Nights”, “Tennessee Waltz”, “Mexicali Rose”, “I Walk Alone”, “Mexicali Rose”, “Amor”, “Red River Valley”.

Bill York

Away from the world

It’s morning on a remote river, fog low to the water. My canoe is repacked with maybe fifteen miles paddling downriver before dusk. I check the map and mark a few rapids that will require study before shooting. I push my canoe into the dark water. A chill is in the air.