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Ozora Road

Gwinnett Citizen News

Rezoning opposition turns into community movement for a better Gwinnett and beyond

Homeowners were stunned, outraged, dismayed by the proposed re-zoning request along the 800 block of Ozora Road; to allow a waste transfer station in a heavy residential area near Tribble Mill Park and two schools. But in coming together to show their opposition, they’ve also seen another side of their community that gives them hope, not only for this area but for all of Gwinnett.

Dave Emanuel | Cut To The Chase

Proposed Waste Transfer Station- Noise, Odors Degraded Livability

If you think locating a waste transfer station in a residential area is a bad idea, you might want to look at a few facts.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Oh, here we go. This guy is going to try to convince me that it’s not a bad idea to have a noisy, stinking waste transfer station in my neighborhood. Read on. You just might be in for a surprise.