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Are their lives worth your time?

What is the worth of a grumpy old man that he would deserve to be heard for the thousandth time about his buddy he’d lost in Vietnam? What is the qualification that that lady with the silver hair must have before I sit down and help her find the right puzzle piece?

Beware of scams

Dogwood Forest of Grayson Helps Seniors Avoid These Common and Costly Scams

As beautiful as this world can be, it can also be very cruel. Often criminals choose to violate those who they deem the most vulnerable and senior adults are often the target. Scams range from phone scams to cyber scams, but more often than not, every scam targeting seniors has one motive: to steal your money.

Tim Golden, BrightStar Care

Ask the Senior Care Expert | THE CONVERSATION

 I am often asked by families how to broach the subject of care with their loved ones. Since it is that time of year again where families are together after, perhaps, not seeing each other for an extended period of time, I thought this would be a good question to address this month.

ORAL HYGIENE: Why it’s important for Senior Health

ORAL HYGIENE: Why it’s important for Senior Health

Though we have all heard the saying that the eyes are the window to the soul, similarly, it can be said that the mouth is the window to your health. Though it may seem insignificant, dental hygiene is one of the most important aspects of good health for everyone. But this is especially true for seniors.

David Walker, Attorney at Law

Elder Financial Abuse

Our office is getting an increasing number of inquiries about elder financial abuse. Recurring situations include misuse of a power of attorney, and someone convincing the elder person to give them money.