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Snellville Plaza

(L-R) Dr. Marty Mazzawi, Dr. Miles Mazzawi, Dr. Megan Mazzawi, Dr. Mark Mazzawi, Dr. Matt Mazzawi

Mazzawi Family Dentistry Celebrates 50 Years of Dentistry in Snellville

It will be fun for all ages on August 26 on the Snellville Town Green when Mazzawi Family Dentistry celebrates 50 years of dentistry in Snellville. From 3 pm to 5 pm the public and especially current and former patients and former staff are invited to come and enjoy the celebration as they show their appreciation for their patients and the late Dr. Hugh and Dr. Anne Mazzawi.

Mandy Snell

Looking back… 1930’s Snellville

I have been excited and nervous about this month’s article. Excited: because I was/am very anxious to learn more about ‘Our Town’, Snellville. Nervous: because I don’t want (or didn’t want) to get the dates wrong! I could only imagine the phone calls or FB messages I would get, correcting me. LOL So I decided I would get the decade(s) right and maybe even a year or two.

Mandy Snell

Feeling Nostalgic

I have been feeling very nostalgic for the past few weeks. It started when I heard the disheartening news of our beloved friend Jamie Britt. When I learned that Hospice would be at his home…. and then he lost his battle with that awful disease, cancer. It just put things into perspective. During this time I was very thankful for the social forum Facebook, SO many of us kept in contact with each other getting updates on Jamie (Britt).