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Student Athletes

More Times Than Not, When It Comes to Concussion, Mum’s the Word

So what’s in your media feed? I know it might surprise you but I have my daily feeds search for the latest on concussions and concussion research. Yes, I browse through the latest concussion news as I drink my morning coffee. It helps me stay current and relevant to this discussion.

These junior varsity players have a front row seat. Unfortunately it’s during a game when they should be playing not watching.

The Promise of JV Sports- Denied

Middle and high school level sports programs exist outside academic disciplines, yet they often teach lessons that are just as valuable as those learned in classrooms. The mission statements of many schools fully support that concept, and the statement of Beachwood High School (in Ohio) does a particularly good job of capturing the essence of school sports.

Hurricane Junior Golf Tour

Two Georgia players take 1st

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour was in Flowery Branch, GA on June 28-29th for the Royal Lakes Junior Open at Royal Lakes Golf and Country Club.