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Swan Coach House

Group, Front row left to right, Recording Secretary Valerie Craft, Second Vice Regent Connie Rifkind, Regent Kitty Watters, First Vice Regent Ann Story Back row, left to right, Past Regent Lydia McGill, Corresponding Secretary Lee Schermerhorn, Treasurer Anne Lockhart, Chaplain Linda Olson, Librarian Becky Davenport, Past Regent Peggy Freeman Up the staircase, left to right, Cindiella Nixon, Nancy Nixon, Bobbie Tkacik, Vanessa Wynn, Denise Phillips, Joyce Howard, Linda LaPerre, Edith English, Diane DeVore, Debra Houston, Kathy Lobe, Marcia Robertson, Cindy Gaskins, Margaret Craig, Mary Lou Godbey, Amy Stanton, Beth White, Traci Zierk, Christine Enck, Alice Saroka, Lynn Jacques, Kathy Schmidt, Babs Richman, Jenna Black, Cinda Foglesong, Julianne Gross, Cheryl Hall, Evelyn Schneider, Barbara McCay, Emily Tindall

Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR Fourth Annual Chartered Tour

Lawrenceville, GA – Thursday morning, March 15, 2018, 40 Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR Daughters, guests and one HODAR (husband of DAR) met at Ashton Senior Living to board a chartered bus for the Swan House, an excellent example of the Second Renaissance Revival style, and the Tullie Smith Farm, both located at the Atlanta History Center.