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Tim Daly, County Extension Agent

Local trees troubled by pine beetles

Over the past year, the Extension office has received numerous phone calls from residents concerned about pine trees on their property that are turning brown. What could be troubling these trees?

Tim Daly

Palm trees are not just for the tropics

Often, when homeowners think of palm trees, images of places with tropical climates such as Florida and Hawaii come to mind. However, you do not need to travel long distances to enjoy the beauty of these plants. Several palms can be grown in our area. They are attractive, low maintenance, tolerant of prolonged dry conditions and evergreen.

Tim Daly

Several trees and shrubs have attractive bark

Since we are in the dead of winter, all of the deciduous and shrubs trees have shed their leaves. However, many of these trees, as well as some evergreens, have attractive bark features that provide interest to the landscape in all seasons.

Trees and turf grass can be grown together successfully

Trees and lawns can coexist

Trees and lawn grasses growing in proximity to each other compete intensely for the limited amounts of space, water, light, and nutrients available.