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Tea and poetry for Lally Gaidelman Cyr

Snellville - A tea and poetry event was hosted by Silverleaf of Snellville, a personal care home specializing in memory care and Horizons Healthcare, an adult and geriatric healthcare practice based in Snellville. Lally Gaidelman Cyr, who is originally from England, was the guest of honor at the affair where various members of the community read selections from her recently printed book, Lally’s Voice: The Collected Poems of Lally Gaidelman Cyr.

Seated- Lally Cyr. Standing from left to right: Patricia Gray-Smith, Andrea White, and Elizabeth Lawless of Horizons Healthcare.

2016 Valerie Clark 440
Lally, who is a retired nurse and women’s health educator, is also a talented poet and photographer.  In recognition of this, Nurse Practitioner Patricia Gray-Smith of Horizons Healthcare and Administrator Wayne Reid of Silverleaf Snellville wanted to celebrate and honor what has been a lifetime of both professional and creative achievement. Through this effort, Lally’s Voice was born. Many of Lally’s poems reflect the mood of both global and personal events in history, such as A Prayer for Peace, which was written in response to the bloodshed that accompanied the architectural dig to open the tunnel near the Temple Mount, Jerusalem in 1996 and Loss, which poignantly references her father’s ultimate sacrifice through his heroic efforts during WWII.

From the collective experiences of a lifetime of achievement, struggles, loves and losses, Lally has developed and maintained a quick and light-hearted sense of humor and a true appreciation for the most important things in life-friends, family, and community. All of those who know Lally agree that they are blessed to be the beneficiaries of her warm and generous spirit.