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Technology is a wonderful thing!

Technology is a wonderful thing!

Technology is a wonderful thing! Over the past several years the advancements have been monumental, especially in the window coverings industry.

The very first electronic blinds/ shades were controlled by infrared; a beam that had to be pointed exactly at the tiny “eye” on the top of the shade using a single button on a remote control. Most often those battery operated shades were purchased to cover second story windows for privacy or sun control, enabling operation from the ground floor. Pointing that remote control directly at the eye did not always mean there was contact.  Sometimes it required moving to the perfect spot to make the shade go up or down. It was, for the time an answer to what consumers wanted. 

As home automation became popular in the mid-2000’s, along came radio controlled motorization which works with a signal rather than a direct beam. With improved accuracy, window covering operation became a lot easier and programming possibilities were added along with home automation integration.  Your shades can be set to raise & lower at the same time every day or with different times on weekends or while you’re away.  

Fast forward to July 1, 2015. Available this summer the new Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Motorization will let you operate your window coverings from anywhere in the world with an app on your phone or tablet. It is not a Wi-Fi based program, but rather a patented system developed specifically for Hunter Douglas products. 

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