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Teens today keeping connected

Teens these days come from different backgrounds and have different morals and things important to them but what exactly do teens value most now? For some, it could be friends or family, but an obvious answer for most is the phone.

Grace Dougherty

For parents and even the teens themselves this is a hard thing to admit but living without a phone is certainly rough.

Last month I got my phone taken away in class, and for punishment, it was confiscated by administrators for over 24 hours. I hate to say this, but life without my phone was a new kind of hell.

The simple box-shaped object with a glassy screen had kept me going and connected for so long, and it was hard to part with it. I felt like I was missing so much and I couldn’t text my friends or even my own mom. I was bored and restless, and even though there was so much to do, I felt like there was nothing I could do. Without a phone, I was powerless. The phone connects us all, and it’s the beating heart of an everyday teenager’s life. It has morphed from a boxy, slow keypad to have more power than most computers. It can serve as a study tool, a way to talk to people across the country, and holds more knowledge than anyone could even imagine. So even if the family is important in a teen’s life and even if they spend their every waking moment with friends, it’s technology that keeps us all connected.

Grace Dougherty is a rising junior at North Gwinnett High School and a member of Stepping Stones with the Gwinnett Citizen, a BSA Explorer program.