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The Basics of Botox

Although Botox is a familiar word in most households, there are many misconceptions and gray areas of knowledge for many people. This cosmetic treatment continues to rank as one of the top anti-aging treatments in the world. However, there are many other uses that have been discovered for Botox.

Chrissy Thomas, RN, Cosmetic Nurse Injector, Anti-Aging Specialist

I wanted to take the opportunity to inform our readers about the basics of this “wonder drug” that is becoming a leader in the treatment of many medical conditions.

1. While Botox is indeed composed of botulinum toxin, it is very safe in small doses such as those used in the medical and cosmetic world. Botox has been used in cosmetic treatments since About Face opened its doors in 2002.

2. Botox works to make the muscles and the nerves of the injected area lose their communication skills for approximately 120 days. Thus, the muscle is less active.

3. Botox makes the muscles of the face do the opposite of what they want to do. Eyebrows pinch together over time creating frown lines and droopy eyebrows. A small dose of Botox in this area lifts brows diminishing the frown lines and opening the eyes.

4. Not all Botox doses look like “Hollywood Brows.” Hollywood guys and gals go for the dramatic. Paralyzed foreheads and highly arched eyebrows are not a common desired effect in our community. The goal of most clients that come into About Face is to have a refreshed, brighter look. Typically, family and friends do not know that a procedure has been done. They just know you look rested.

5. Cosmetically, Botox is used to treat not only frown lines but forehead lines and crow’s feet. It may also be used to treat smoker’s lines, bulky jaw muscles to thin the face, and to the chin to relax aging skin in this area.

6. About Face also treats excessive sweating in the armpits, palms, and feet with Botox. These treatments take two to four days to take effect and may work for four to fourteen months. 7. Medically, Botox is used for treatment of chronic migraines, overactive bladder, crossed eyes, depression, premature ejaculation, abnormal heartbeat, severely cold hands, cleft lip scars in babies, painful sex, and severe neck spasms. The latest news is that Botox is being used to treat certain cancers. A growing body of work is suggesting that disrupting nerve function with Botox may slow cancer growth.

8. Botox will not get rid of wrinkles. Botox relaxes muscles to make skin smoother. Injectable filler, like Juvederm, is used to fill wrinkles and creases in appropriate cases.

9. Botox injections are not painful. A small insulin syringe is used to place the solution underneath the skin. This small pinch is typically not an issue for clients but numbing cream may be used for those who are especially sensitive.

10. All Botox injections are not the same. Some providers train over a weekend and then bring Botox and injectable fillers into their practice. At About Face Skin Care, we have over ten years’ experience with Botox and other injectable treatments and have been Master Certified by Allergan, the maker of these products.

The use of Botox in the cosmetic industry is at an all-time high. Many see these treatments as common as hair styling appointments. Men are also jumping on the Botox bandwagon using the treatment to look more youthful and less tired. If you are interested in discussing what Botox can do for you, give us a call for a consultation. About Face Skin Care is located in the Snellville Commons office park behind Lowe’s at the corner of Janmar Road and Highway 124 in Snellville. Call 770-935-FACE(3223) or visit us online at We look forward to meeting you!