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The cold can stay on the outside of your windows

Baby, it’s cold outside! The first winter storm of 2016 and I’m sitting inside, cozy and warm as the wind howls past the windows. How many days until spring? 

We still have our original builder-grade windows which are not what I would call energy-efficient. Not when we open the shades and immediately feel Old Man Winter seep into our otherwise comfortably heated room. The drop in temperature is markedly noticeable.  On the flip side is the extreme heat that we feel in the summer. The damage from UV rays can be extensive AND expensive. I’ve seen fabrics, rugs, hardwood floors, artwork, and furniture show how harmful the harsh rays can be. Not only do UV rays cause noticeable damage, but energy loss from windows also makes our heating and air-conditioning bills sky-rocket.

There are several energy-efficient window coverings that address the leaky windows and the heat created by the nature of window glass. The top-rated product is one that started out with more function than style, but in recent years has taken on a whole new life.  I’m talking about the honeycomb shade. The up-dated colors and textures are fit for any décor, whether traditional or contemporary. For those who only want coverage in the window only during the hottest part of the day, they fold into a neat 3” or so stack at the top of the window becoming barely noticeable. Cordless, motorized, and other operating systems are available. The honeycomb is just one of the many window-coverings that we offer. We have lots of innovative products that will look great and perform well in your home or office.

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