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The Gwinnett Roadrunner – On The Run August 2014

The Gwinnett Roadrunner -
On The Run August 2014
By Mary Frazier Long
“A committee is a group of important individuals who singly can do nothing but who can together agree that nothing can be done.” Fred Allen
A clear conscience is often the sign of a bad memory.
“If you have any problems at all don’t hesitate to be quiet.”
Does anyone remember when the zip code for Snellville was E I E I O?
Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?
We all have the strength to endure the misfortunes of others.
Talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand.
The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.
The difference between a pigeon and a farmer is that a pigeon can still make a deposit on a tractor.

Mary Frazier Long

•Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States was born on August 10, 1874. Lyndon Johnson, 36th President of the United States was born on August 27, 1908.
•An American bomber dropped the first atomic bomb used in warfare on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945.
•On August 2, 1777 Button Gwinnett signed the Declaration of Independence.
•The News-Herald reported on August 11, 1919: “T.D. Hoskins will open an ice plant on property known as Oil Mill Street.” (In Lawrenceville)
•The Sears store on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta opened on August 2, 1926.
•The Lawrenceville Public Library in the City Hall opened on August 12, 1936. From the August 3, 1939 issue of The News-Herald: “L.E. Fowler has moved his jewelry repairing establishment from the Jones Drug Store corner and is now located upstairs in the W.T. Tanner Building.”
•On August 6, 1941 a man was charged with disturbing Divine Worship and fined $50.
•In 2007 there was a drought in Georgia.
•The Quilts of Valor exhibit at Snellville City Hall on Oak Road is a display of more than a dozen quilts which will be sent to American military personnel. The display will be open for visitors through August.
•Georgia Gwinnett received the 10-year accreditation to award baccalaureate degrees in 2014.
•Thanks to the generosity of Clyde and Sandra Strickland the Strickland Family Medicine Center opened in July and it is located on Gwinnett Medical center’s campus.
•The Snellville Police Department now has a Cop Cap available for those unable to drive.
Leadership Gwinnett is offering a three-day course to give those interested information about the regular longer program. The program is “Glance Gwinnett” and the inaugural class is planned for November 13-15. Registration costs $600 and classes will run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Those interested can find details online at or contact Brooke Waters at 678-957-4944.

The Chew Chew Restaurant on North Clayton Street in Lawrenceville was the scene of the best contest in this area. Every July there are churns of homemade ice cream displayed on a long table in the restaurant and judges are selected to decide which of the entries is the most delicious. Hard job but someone has to do it. The July 2014 judges were Robert Biggers, David McCleskey and Mary Long and they had difficult decisions to make for they had to taste and choose the three best entries. David made several return trips to churns of his choice before he could reach a decision on top churns. The three top winners were Vanilla and Black Cherry made by Ann Boyd and the Peach entry made by Clarissa Stapleton. Other entries were chocolate, cheesecake, butter pecan and pina colada. Hosts for the occasion were Chew Chew owners Linda and Landy Henderson and they are strongly encouraged to continue this competition.

Rita Davis, Activity Director at the Extended Care Assisted Living facility near Gwinnett Medical Center has been overseer and planner of a garden area in an open space in the center of the building. Rita has been assisted by Master Gardener Hilary Wilson who has been hands on in planning flowers and vegetables for the enjoyment of residents. An interesting plant that is a new one in the garden is a pink blueberry plant. Chris Pieta inaugurated a bird watching program and application has been made for Bird Habitat Certification. The beautiful fountain near the entrance to the garden was part of the Eagle Scout project of Gavin Figueroa. As visitors visit the garden they can rest on gazebo benches or on a marble bench given by Wilda and Buck Cooper in honor of Sara and W.C. Corley.

During July I went out to the Gwinnett Medical Center Extended Care assisted living residence and as I entered the building I could hear someone playing “Hello Dolly” on the piano. I followed the sound of the music and saw a beautiful lady sitting at the piano in the dining room playing the piano with gusto and enjoyment was written all over her face. The pianist, Mary Faulkner, plays by ear. She plays at all three meals and takes requests from her audience. Many of the residents come to meals early so that they can enjoy Mary Faulkner’s beautiful music. Mary is 97 and she continues to brighten lives of residents at Extended Care.

The Junior League of Gwinnett and North Fulton Counties is recruiting new members and membership is open to any woman over the age of 22 who wants to commit herself to volunteering in this area. For information visit

July 5 was the date of the 2014 reunion of friends and alumni of Lawrenceville High School. Those who attended the luncheon event gathered in the family life center of the Lawrenceville First Baptist Church for a covered dish meal at noon and lots of visitation with old friends for several hours during the middle of the day. Norma Bennett made the arrangements for the meeting place and she brought her famous caramel cake which disappeared almost before she unwrapped it. Sarah and John Briscoe brought drinks for everyone and Annelle O’Kelley furnished her usual carload of food. There were so many delicious dishes that I can’t name them all, the desserts were especially enticing. There was a time of remembering those who have passed away during the past year, WW II veterans were recognized and Mayor Judy Johnson led the group in prayer before the meal began. Those who signed the register for the 2014 reunion were: Bryant Huff, Mary and Dean Long, Norma Bennett, Paula and Tom McGee, Jenny McGee Browning, Yvonne Huff Baker, Sam Martin, Martha Frances Hutchins, Linda and Eddie Oakes, Jack and Peggy Britt, Jay and Jean Jackson Leslie, Marcia LeRoux, Jim and Barbara Hood, Jack and Darlene Craig, Jo Ann Clark, Annelle O’Kelley, Esther Edwards, Robert and Grace Cain, Jimmie Swanson, Jack and Evelyn Webb, Victor McKelvey, Loretta Webb, Robert Norton, Jimmy Alford, Carolyn Alford, Jean and Robert Biggers, Bill and Anita Fowler, Charles and Blondine Cooper, Julia Ethrige Wethington, Charles Whitehead, Lawrence Davis, Jimmie Mae Sosebee, Yvonne and Dic Keel, Wilma Peevy White, Barbara Chadwick Williams, Mary Bagwell Balland, Aubrey Daniel Sensibar, Mary Sue Gunter, Carolyn Mealor Streetman, Carolyn Fowler Carter, Brenda Sue Davis, Judy Jordan Johnson, John and Sarah Briscoe, Farrar Atkinson. Tom McGee and Sam Martin at the LHs Reunion. Both men are WWII veterans and Lawrenceville natives. Jimmie Young Swanson and Norma Bennett with Norma’s famous caramel cake Eddie Oakes and Bryant Huff Yvonne Huff Baker and Linda Dowis Oakes

 The 1978 winners of the 4-H Annual District Project Achievement meeting held in the summer. First place winners included Kevin Moon, Stacy Parr, Greg Wall, Anita Miller, Susan Fain, Lanor Ross, Lisa Durden, Jenna Williams, Yvonne Justice, Michelle McConnell, Frances Finnick, Lori Freeman, Steven Shackelford, Carolyn Shackelford, Laura Puckett and Holly Pendly. Gwinnett Home Economist Pat Bruschini, 4-H Program Assistant Kay Bennett and 4-H Coordinator Becky Reynolds.