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The Gwinnett Roadrunner – On The Run July 2013


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“We must all hang together,  else we shall all hang separately.” 

~ Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence 

“The North is not a place; just a direction out of the South.”

“If we had more hell in the pulpit, we would have less hell in the pew.”  ~ Billy Graham 

‘Duty, Honor, Country” ~ The West Point Code 

“In God We Trust” ~ United States Motto,  Adopted July 30, 1956

marylongThere were 7,615 students who graduated from Gwinnett County Public Schools in 2006; in 2013 there were 10,556 graduates, the largest number of Gwinnett Public Schools graduates in the history of public education in Gwinnett.  


• On July 4,1776 the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence and John Hancock signed it. Signers from Georgia were George Walton, Lyman Hall and Button Gwinnett. 

• Presidents born in July include Calvin Coolidge born at Plymouth Notch, Vt. On July 4, 1872; John Q. Adams, born at Braintree (now Quincy) Mass on July 11,1767. 

• President James Garfield was shot on July 1, 1881. 

• Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the same day, July 4,1826. Adams was the second President of the United States and Jefferson was the third President. 


• The News-Herald July 14, 1906: “Prof. F.B. Maddox and Miss Geneva are teaching at Meadow.”

• The News-Herald July 8,1912: “Ex sheriff James G. Brown has been chosen Chief of Police for Lawrenceville to succeed William S. Brand and he is now wielding the club for the city. Witt Cole remains night watchman.” 

• The News-Herald July 11,1912: “The Bank of Lawrenceville has paid a semi-annual dividend of 4%”.

• The News-Herald, June 15, 1905: “Dewitt, Jones of Norcross was awarded First Honor at West Point Graduation.”

• In the July 17, 1913 issue of The News-Herald there was a section of news from a part of Gwinnett County known as Lonesome Valley: “The ice cream supper at Mr. HF Ewings Saturday was enjoyed by all present…Some of the citizens down here are wanting to change the name of our town to Pea Ridge. However we see no need of such a movement.”

• The Gwinnett Journal June 3, 1916: “Miss Lilye and Frank Rhodes  motored to the mountains on Wednesday afternoon.”

• The News Herald August 27, 1931: “Mrs. HT Tanner and Mrs JW Edmonds of Dacula were hostesses at a  birthday dinner Sunday for Mrs. HT Tanner’s mother, Mrs. AR Clack of Auburn.”

• The Gwinnett Journal July 6, 1937: “The Lawrenceville office of the Railway Express Agency handled a shipment of 1800 baby chicks Tuesday and not a faulty chick was found in the lot.”

• The Gwinnett Journal reported on October 1, 1929: “The first game for the Duluth football team was on September 30, 1939.”

• From the Gwinnett Journal July 2, 1941: “Mr. Hilyer Cooper bought out the Woco Pep Service Station located on Crogan Street in Lawrenceville, on the corner across the street from Williams Drug Store.”

• The July 23, 1941 edition of the Gwinnett Journal there were 14 cases of Infantile Paralysis in Gwinnett County.

• The News-Herald, May 1, 1958: “Colonial Stores opens Gwinnett’s first supermarket in Lawrenceville. The store is located on South Clayton Street opposite the First Baptist Church. George Bailey of Lawrenceville is the grocery manager; Gene Cheek, produce manager; Howard Duncan, meat market manager.”

• The News-Herald, June 19, 1958: “Mrs. George Bagwell retired from teaching at Lawrenceville Primary School after teaching 53 years.”

• In June 1960 the New-Herald  reported the following graduation from Hooper/Renwick High School in Lawrenceville: “Bennie Anderson, Calvin Brown, Sarah Cooper, Mary Alice Echols, Annie Harrice, Claude Harris, Maynard Harris, Forrest King, Hazel King, Betty Mathis, John Maxey, Will Nell Moore, Odessaa Scalles, Sue Simpson, Blen Smith, Louis Vines and Andrew Williams.”


• Dr. David Chappell preached at the Lawrenceville First Methodist Church as minister for the last time on Sunday, June 9; a reception was held in his honor and even the Baptists regret to see Davis leave Lawrenceville. He will go to Brentwood, Tennessee.

• Due to an error (mine) in the June 2013 Road Runner the Hooper-Renwick graduation year was listed as 1913 instead of the graduation on 2013. Hooper-Renwick was organized in 1945, it was a 3 room building with 4 teachers led by Professor JP Howard of Athens and the first commencement ceremony was in 1945 at Pleasant Hill Church.

• The annual Lawrenceville Originals Reunions was held on July 6, 2013 in the Fellowship Room at the Lawrenceville First Baptist Church.

• Hope Rogers the 2009 Valedictorian and STAR student at Parkview High School will attend Princeton University next  year. Hope is the daughter of Ronald and Lee Rogers, PH.D. Hope is a member of Phi Beta Kappa Society and she was chosen the Outstanding Humanities Student in the Honors Program at UGA.

• Liz Forster has been named Director of the Gwinnett County Library System.

• On June 8 the Beta Rho chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society welcomed Gwinnett County Educator Aimee Burgamy, former Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year, as speaker for the June 2013 meeting. Aimee is the first recipient of the Great American Teacher Award given in 2009/2010; she was a Fulbright Scholar in Japan and worked with children in Costa Rica. The June 8 meeting also awarded the annual Legacy Grant to Ashley Braswell who will pursue a degree enabling her to work with special need students.

Lawrenceville High School Class of 1936
Lawrenceville High School Class of 1936
Members of the Lawrenceville High School Class of 1936 (Photo loaned by Mary Lou Davis): Tom Arnold, Jr., Paul Austin, Alice Brown, JB Bailey, LaMerle Christian, Watson Craft, Mildred Davis, Marion and Margaret Ewing, Kathleen Ethridge, Frances Fortune, Winnie Green, Tifton Green, James Hart, Carolyn Hale, Frances Hewatt, Robert Jacobs, Catherine Johnson, Rhodes Jordan, Violet Johnson, Florine Johnson, Harold McKelvey, Sara Murphy, Woodrow Murphy, WL Nix, Jr., Mary Frances Pirkle, Sara Lois Perry, Benson Roberts, Clarabelle Ralston, Mary E Sims, Ruth Smith, Vernelle Thompson, Felton Thompson, Elouise Wages. Mildred Wages, Annette Williams, Billy Williams, Camie Simpson. The mascots for this class were Dottie Allison and Lloyd Pass. Some members that we could identify were: First row: ___, ___, Vernell Thompson, Frances Fortune, Annette Williams, ___, Winnie Green, Catherine Johnson. Second row: ___, Mildred Whitlock, Harold McKelvey, Felton Thompson, ___, ___, Mildred Davis, Sara Lois Perry, ___, Rhodes Jordan, ___, Watson Craft. Third row: ___, ___, ___, LaMerle Christian, Woodrow Murphy, ___, Kathleen Etheridge, ___, ___, Benson Roberts, Clarabelle Ralston, WL Nix, Jr. Can you identify the people where we have blanks? This photo is shared on our facebook at if you would like to tag relatives. Also, you can comment below.