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The importance of our community and giving back

“A community free of domestic violence.” That is the vision of the Partnership Against Domestic Violence. Being a fitness professional, I encourage my clients everyday to give their best efforts."

Kelly Farris,  ACSM CPT

Not for me. For them. 110%. My job is to help women help themselves. This stated, I know there are women who find themselves in situations that they can’t easily help themselves out of. Domestic violence is difficult to escape. Having a child or children might complicate the situation further. A woman might try to endure for her children, hoping that things will improve. Sadly, Gwinnett County ranks first in the state for domestic violence-related homicides. Sometimes, however, when the threat level gets too high a woman will leave with just the clothes on her back, children in tow.

Fortunately, there are resources like the Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) to step in and provide these women and children with the safety and assistance they need to transition their lives in the short and long term. PADV is a blessing to our community. “Since 1975, PADV has helped transform the lives of over 19,000 women and children every year through emergency intervention, violence prevention and long-term advocacy.” – PADV Press Release 2/25/13 As a long time business owner in our community, I strongly believe in giving back when able. I am happy to announce Ladies Workout Snellville is partnering with Scenic Office Suites and A Defined Image Med Spa for our second annual PADV fundraiser.

The “Spring Into Summer Fundraiser” and “Dance Against Domestic Violence” Zumba Dance Party will take place at Ladies Workout Snellville on Thursday, June 12, 2014 from 3:30 until 7:30. The event is open to the public. There will be games, vendors, raffles and demonstrations from Snellville’s Police K9 Unit and Fire Department! See you there! Kelly Farris is the owner of Ladies Workout Snellville, Time4Results Per-sonal Training and the President of KLF Fitness.

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