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The NonSurgical Facelift… give us six weeks, we will give you six years

As we approach our fourteenth year of business (Happy Birthday, About Face Skin Care!!), I am excited to say that one of our most popular programs is still one of our clients’ favorites after all these years. 

By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

The 180° NonSurgical Facelift is an incredible age-defying combination of treatments that will turn the clock back five to seven years.

When I began this business in March of 2002, I focused on the needs of the customers that had been seeking services in the plastic surgery practice from which About Face Skin Care grew.  The common complaints were rough, dull waxy skin, uneven color with brown or red splotches, large pores, loss of facial muscle tone, loss of facial fat and volume, and looking overall “tired”.  At that time I began researching options that were safe and effective to help these clients feel and look their best.  Obviously, we hit the nail on the head.  Fourteen years later, we have over 200 women actively maintaining their 180° NonSurgical Facelift and looking their best.

The treatments within the program consist of the following:

Exfoliation:  This portion of the treatment is customized to fit client needs.  Skin that is very thick and dry will benefit from Hydrafacial MD, which combines exfoliation with intense moisturizing to smooth and hydrate dull skin.  The moisturizers actually make some small creases disappear and skin glows with this treatment like no other.  We are also excited to introduce our new Ultrasonic Exfoliation that gently removes the dead skin cells and introduces skin-renewing serums into the fresh, renewed skin that is exposed.  Other favorites for this program include the microdermabrasion which is a crystal-based exfoliation that removes the dead skin cells exposing fresh skin or the glycolic acid peel that will perform the same action chemically.  Your provider will choose the best form of exfoliation for your skin type.

LED Light Therapy: The benefits of “light-emitting diodes” dates back to ancient times when the Greeks first reported that light was essential to restoring health.  NASA even used LED Light Therapy in space to promote wound healing and tissue growth for astronauts.  In the anti-aging arena, LED Light Therapy is used to break down brown and red, splotchy skin, tighten pores, increase collagen production, increase moisture retention in skin and calm acne.  This incredible treatment feels like nothing at all and is a favorite among our clients.  Many just consider this a twenty-minute power nap.

180° Facial Contouring:  Through-out this portion of the treatment, combinations of Ultrasonic and Bipolar frequency waves are emitted into the skin to tighten laxity around the eyes, mouth, neck, and jawline.  The gentle waves of energy stimulate the tissue to create more collagen making the skin more supple and smooth.  This treatment is also beneficial for wrinkle reduction.  Unlike some of our other radiofrequency treatments, the 180° Facial Contouring leaves no redness or downtime making it an excellent choice for gentle and effective anti-aging.

180° Microcurrent Facial Toning:  This is the most important aspect of the NonSurgical Facelift.  You can use a variety of tools to tighten skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, even out the color and rejuvenate the appearance of tired faces, but there are only two ways to tighten the aging muscles of the face.  One is a traditional facelift, which many are deciding is not the right choice for their lifestyle.  The other is 180° Microcurrent Facial Toning.  The muscles of the face will lose tone over time, just like the muscles of the entire body decrease in size with age.  A person can use weight lifting exercises to combat this effect on the muscles of the body, but there is no way to “train” the face in the gym.  That is where this little miracle comes in to play.  Our microcurrent system will tighten muscles that have become “long” over time, such as the apples of the cheeks, the forehead, and the neck muscles.  It will also lengthen muscles that have “shortened” over time.  These include the frown lines between the eyes, the crow’s feet and the muscles around the lips.  If you look at a female face in the 40 and over age range, you may notice that the bottom of the cheek muscle is sitting level with the corner of the mouth or below.  Microcurrent can lift this muscle and restore it to its intended position that is at the level of the openings of the nose.  This amazing treatment takes diligent training for the provider and repetition for the client to properly build muscle memory and tone.

You can see how much work we have put into our 180° Nonsurgical Facelift.  The program requires a six-week “boot camp” in which clients come in to visit us two times per week.  This is an important aspect of this program.  Just as it is impossible to build muscle in the gym if you aren’t going consistently, it is impossible to build the muscle of the face if not consistently “working it.”  At the end of the six weeks, clients will visit us one time per month for a “touch up” to maintain the result.  (I personally wish that our bodies responded to the same schedule!)  

As we enter our fourteenth year of business, I will say that the 180° NonSurgical Facelift has made a huge impact on many of our clients.  As a special acknowledgment of our birthday, we are offering you a gift.  You may enjoy the results of this incredible program for $1,695.  This is a savings of $600 off of our regular price.  Clients that choose this program are automatically members of our BFF Club or Best Face Forward Club.  These members continue to enjoy extra savings and perks throughout the year as a thank you for continuing to maintain the results. 

If you would like to further discuss this or any of the other products and treatments that we offer at About Face Skin Care, or if you would like to try our fitness boutique, About Mind and Body, give us a call or email for a FREE consultation appointment. Visit our website at or call us at 770.935.FACE (3223).  We look forward to meeting you!

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