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The other side of networking

Greetings and salutations, welcome to this month’s issue of Things You Should Know.  I am going to wander off the path a bit and discuss networking, yes networking.  I know that seems to be the buzz going on right now, but don’t worry I do have a nugget for you. Ah, you thought I was talking about business networking groups, well no!

Understanding the process of networking is the most important thing, it’s like I scratch your back and you scratch mine right, um no!  The kind of networking that I am talking about has very little about going to meetings.  It is way more than that, it has everything to do with giving of yourself to help another individual, company or organization grow, prosper or possibly get through or over a tough spot.  

Selflessness is the key word.  Yes it is about us not doing something for ourselves but for others.  Being the person that is seeking just to help another in their endeavors, regardless if they can return the favor.

Why I ask, is that such a hard concept to understand and why do we seem to just step all over our feet trying to do it? 

A lot of us have been brought up in business with this I want mine first, then I’ll help you philosophy, the funny part of that is as I look around those are the people that are wondering why there business is falling short.  But it is the businesses that look at others who might be in need or they see a need and want to help that are doing well.  Those people and businesses in our community are the ones we want to emulate.  Those are the people that will help regardless if someone can return the favor.

So how do we break free from the shackles of selfishness, and surround ourselves with those that seem to have mastered this concept?

First, look around you can spot them, they are not the boosters, or the braggarts.  They do not make person conscious of his/hers struggles, they speak with frankness, but always with sincerity and sympathy. Their deeds follow their word and they want to help regardless if someone can return the favor.  

Okay do you see them?  I do…. They are all around, right in front of you, people you come in contact with on a daily basis. They might not be the hip, slick and cool people but they are the salt of the earth people. 

You need find them, you need to be evolved with them, watch them, interact with them and get to know them.  Model yourself in a fashion of giving, so that it is a second nature.  The rewards that you will reap will be marvelous. 

People see what good that people do and they want to be around them, do business with them and become friends with them, they are drawn to them.  Do you want to be a person that people are drawn to?  Then stop always thinking about just yourself and start helping others with no expectation of reward.

I am amazed at the people I have come in contact with since I started writing for the Gwinnett Citizen.  What a joy to have someone come up and say “hey you’re the guy that writes in the Gwinnett Citizen”, but what a true joy to know that people want to be around you because they value that kind of care and giving. 

Being new to this writing thing has caused me to reflect on who inspires me to grow and reach higher in my endeavors of helping others. Here are a few people who I have noticed lately: Rodney Camren, Jim Spooner, Jim Stepp and Auveed Cawthon.  And yes there are way more out there. Find them, surround yourself with them and give freely of yourself to others.  

Now that is NETWORKING!!

As always thank you for your support.

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Stephen Brust
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