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The power of community

Along with more than 124,000 accounts served, more than 6,900 miles of lines energized, and a 99.9% electric service reliability in 2015, Walton EMC (Electric Membership Corporation) provides a unique energy of service to the communities it’s been serving since 1936. 

The power of community

Driven by “Concern for the Community,” one of its seven guiding principles, more than 50 charities and organizations that make communities better for its owner-members are wholeheartedly supported by Walton EMC. The list includes Operation Round Up, The Boys and Girls Clubs, and Camp Kudzu, plus several youth programs like Partners in Education.

Based in Monroe, Walton EMC was recognized as EMC of the Year by the statewide trade association for community involvement and volunteerism.

Walton EMC has also committed to the renewable futures of the communities it serves with a 6-acre solar field that will generate 7,000,000 kW-h of electricity per year. The completed project is among the seven largest community solar installations in the country and the largest in the eastern half of the U.S.

Community solar projects are cooperative efforts that allow access to consumers who might otherwise be excluded from owning and installing their own solar electricity generation.

Savannah Chandler, Communica-tions Coordinator for Walton EMC said, “We’re proud and excited that our member-owners have fully embraced our solar program. Solar is clean energy that is sustainable and renewable. Because it’s good for our environment, it’s good for our communities.”

Because Walton EMC is a non-profit electric cooperative that is customer owned, it’s not in business to make money, but to serve its customer-owners. 

Neighbor helping neighbor, that’s the power of community. The power of Walton EMC.