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The power of lunchmeat… sandwiches and summer volunteers

The power of lunchmeat... sandwiches and summer volunteers
By Beth Volpert Johansen

Though it might seem strange that a few slices of meat and cheese can change someone’s life, it is a fact. As a parent, making a sandwich seems like a daily or, in the case of some teens, hourly endeavor.

For the parents of homeless kids in Gwinnett County, it isn’t that they don’t want to make a simple sandwich, often times, they have nothing to place between the bread. That’s where Place of Seven Springs and the Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce comes in. 

The Place of Seven Springs held a ribbon cutting to celebrate their new affiliation with GECC and their own 5th year anniversary at their location in Snellville. To best educate the members of the GECC about upcoming summer lunch needs for the homeless children who lay their heads down at night in one of two local extended stay hotels, the staff prepared each member a sack lunch similar to the ones that will be delivered throughout the summer to those children in need. “We wanted to show the community what a simple sandwich will do for a child who would otherwise not receive a noontime meal,” says Debbie. “It was a huge impact for those in attendance and they have pledged to hold a ‘Meat and Cheese Slices” fundraiser.” The Place of Seven Springs is able to get a number of things from the local food banks, but sliced meat and cheese are not available. 

Sandwich meat and cheese slices will be collected at the Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce Monthly Luncheon to be held at Summit Chase Country Club on May 20th. In addition to the food collection, The Place of Seven Springs is looking for volunteers to commit 2 hours a week during the non-school summer months to prepare and deliver the sack lunches to the two extended-stay hotels. Each day requires two volunteers 16 and older who work in pairs. “No experience required,” says Debbie. “We need dependable people who want to help out this summer with this very important service.”

To donate, volunteer, or learn more about The Place of Seven Springs, contact Debbie Dowdin at: 770-736-3377 or