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A letter from Phil Wolfe, President & CEO, Gwinnett Medical Center

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

More than 70 years ago, when a child died for lack of medical care, the residents of our region came together with their dimes and nickels to establish a clinic in Duluth. That’s how Joan Glancy Memorial Hospital began. 

Phil Wolfe, President & CEO, Gwinnett Medical Center

Over the years it grew as our community grew. Today at Gwinnett Medical Center, our roots are still deep in the community, only now instead of a little two-room clinic, we have  two state-of-the-art hospitals, more than 800 physicians and 4,800 associates. 

And between delivering babies, outpatient surgery, inpatient services, lab tests, imaging, rehabilitation, long-term care, office visits and a range of other medical services, there are nearly half a million visits each year to a GMC facility.

One of my favorite sayings is from an ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. He said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

At Gwinnett Medical Center that applies to our hospitals and medical care, too. Like water rushing to its goal, our care is always moving towards the future. From our humble beginnings, we’ve built one of the leading health systems in Georgia, without losing the compassion that was integral to the founding of Joan Glancy Memorial Hospital. 

When I say “one of the leading health systems,” what does that mean to you, the patient? 

It means health navigators who offer free one-on-one consultations to help people facing breast cancer make in-formed choices. 

It means robotic surgery that shortens recovery time. 

It means devoting the funds and time necessary to build an open heart surgery program around state-of-the-art technology and best practices of care.

It means our new medical residency program to train and keep more primary care physicians in our region. 

And it means recruiting and retaining only the most compassionate and skilled physicians, nurses and clinicians.

Our excellence is recognized with various national quality-of-care awards, such as the Beacon Award in Critical Care Excellence, Chest Pain Center accreditation and more. 

We are not the same hospital we were 70 years ago, or 10 years ago, or even last week. We are constantly improving, changing, growing to meet the needs of the community. If you haven’t taken a look lately, stop by. Or explore the wide range of health resources on our website at 

Progress never stops, and neither do we. We think the founders of Joan Glancy Memorial Hospital would be proud to see what Gwinnett Medical Center can do today. We hope you are, too. 


Philip R. Wolfe, FACHE
President & CEO
Gwinnett Medical Center