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Tim Wallis Steps Down as Lawrenceville Police Chief Amid Complaints

Major Myron Walker Appointed Acting Chief of the Lawrenceville Police Department

Tim Wallis

In October 2021, the City of Lawrenceville Administration was made aware of internal sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and improper use of City property complaints in the Lawrenceville Police Department. Due to the nature of the complaints, the City, through the City Attorney, engaged a third party to investigate the claims. The independent report was forwarded to the City Attorney. In consultation with the City Attorney, decisions related to all personnel matters were finalized on January 21, 2022.

“I was disturbed by the findings of the investigation and issued penalties to the appropriate employees, including a requirement for individual training,” said City Manager Chuck Warbington. “The City of Lawrenceville prides itself as an inclusive and safe work place for all employees. The workplace culture revealed through this investigation did not meet the standards of excellence expected of all departments in the City. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

On January 27th, the initial consequences for Police Chief Wallis was a 10 day suspension without pay. A Police Captain declined to be interviewed as part of the investigation and announced his unsolicited resignation from the City and retirement from POST before the investigation was completed.

In addition, the city issued the following immediate actions will be taken:
1. Mandatory in-person training for Police Department employees as well as the entire City staff
2. A city-wide emphasis on redirection of staff to the personnel policy addressing work place behavior and related expectations.
3. A clear city-wide communication process for submission of confidential employee complaints

Today, the City of Lawrenceville announces that Wallis has stepped down from his position and Major Myron Walker has been appointed Acting Chief of the Lawrenceville Police Department. “Chief Tim Wallis is a long-standing member of the Lawrenceville Police Department and provided many years of dedicated service to the City,” said City Manager Chuck Warbington. “As we prepared to move the Lawrenceville Police Department forward after recent events, I met with the Chief to discuss the future. During that meeting, Chief Wallis and I mutually agreed that it was best for him, the City, and the Police Department that he step down as Chief and retire from the City on February 15, 2022.”

Major Myron Walker, who has been serving as Acting Chief, will continue in that role.

The City of Lawrenceville is committed to moving forward in a positive manner and says they will issue no further comment.