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Transitioning senior citizens from home to senior living

Everyone loves feeling independent. We love our homes and being able to do what we want. That’s why the term “there’s no place like home” resonates so well with everyone.

Transitioning senior citizens from home to senior living

However, when it comes to senior citizens, they more than anyone value being at home. Home is the place they feel comfortable and secure.

However, due to a variety of reasons some of today’s seniors need to live in a senior living community. No matter what the reason is, leaving the home they have loved for years can be a scary thought.

So when it’s time to move your loved one in a senior living community, how can you make the transition smooth? There are several things you can do to bring comfort to your loved one during this transition, including:

•Make Them Feel In Control – When seniors move to a senior living community one of the things they fear is that they will no longer have control over what they do. By getting a floorplan of their living quarters or visiting the community ahead of time, they can get a sense of the new atmosphere.

• No Work/No Fuss – Have a conversation with your loved one about all of the work they will no longer have to do; no more cleaning, yard work or maintenance. Let them know about all of the things that the community will take care of for them. Their new role is to sit back and enjoy.

• Cherished Memories – One of the most important things to a person are the things they cherish; the photos and memories. It’s a normal part of what makes a house a home. So help them go through their belongings to determine what things they would like to take to the new home.

• There Are Things to Do – One of the concerns when seniors transition to a community is that there won’t be anything to do. Grab a copy of the activities calendar and review it with your loved one. Show them all the things they can participate in. Let them know that there will be others just like them and that they will make new friends while having fun.

Use these tips to help your loved one transition to their new home which is what senior living is, a safe home. To get more information on our community, Discovery Village At Sugarloaf, call 770.232.2807, visit or stop by at 1220 Satellite Blvd, Suwanee, GA 30024 to learn more about who we are. It’s the first step to ensuring that your loved one has a new home to call their own.