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Travel safety tips for your wallet

With summer vacation just around the corner, it is good to be prepared beyond just packing the right items for your destination.

Travel safety tips for your wallet

Keeping track of your money and having access to the funds you need while traveling is just as important as the sunscreen and beach towels. Follow these simple tips to enjoy a worry-free trip.  

1. Travel with your debit or credit card, not just cash, because your cards feature extensive built-in protection in the event they are lost or stolen. United Community Bank has many different credit card options available, as well as debit cards that are tied directly to your United checking account. 

2. Contact your card issuer and let them know when and where you’ll be travelling before you leave. Doing so prevents your cards from being temporarily suspended due to potential fraud concerns if they are used in unexpected locations.

3. Keep track of the toll-free numbers on the back of your cards in case you do need to report lost or stolen information. It is also very important to report this information immediately.

4. Make photocopies of your cards and leave them with a trusted friend or family member in case you need access to the card numbers. 

5. Consider carrying more than one credit card as a spare if your primary one is lost, stolen or rejected. 

6. Carrying all your cards in one place increases your risk of losing them all at once. Keep the cards you don’t need on the go in the safe at your hotel room, or at least, in a separate pocket.

7. To help protect from pickpockets or purse snatchers, keep your wallet in a zip-up pocket or pouch, and carry it close to your body. 

Wherever your vacation or travel plans take you this summer, follow these tips to better protect you and your money. To learn more about United and our award-winning customer service, visit or call one of our local bankers today. You can reach Ginger Kilman in Snellville at 770-985-2337 or Nancy Cain in Lawrenceville at 678-376-3013.