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Trip to the Capital

Trip to the Capital
By Soraya Bagheri

On the 26th of the last month, Couch Middle School held its first “Dress for Success” Day. What? Dress for Success Day is held to exemplify a professional outlook how certain careers/jobs come dressed to work.

Soroya Bagheri

On this day, students come to school dressed in their “Sunday best”! 

Sadly, I was not able to attend school this day. Instead, I took a trip to our state capital, Office of Governor Deal and Georgia History. Why was I there? As a representative of the Miss Grayson Scholarship pageant, we attend different events and functions. It just so happened that this time we would visit our state capitol in Atlanta. We got to meet with the Governor, Nathan Deal, and toured his office. And while we were in his office, we picked up some packages of Georgia Peanuts! We saw paintings of our past governors hung throughout the halls. We viewed many sculptures of famous historians that contributed to our Georgia’s history, for example, James Oglethorpe, Robert E. Lee, and Juliette Gordon Low to name a few. Through the help of our tour guide we were able to visit the House of Representatives and the State Senate where laws are created and passed. An interesting fact is Atlanta was not Georgia’s first capital. Savannah, Georgia was our states first capital, then Augusta, Louisville and Milledgeville. Atlanta is Georgia’s 5th capital. I had also found it interesting how most of the building was made of Georgia’s Natural resources. To finish off the day, we had to stop at the famous, whata have, whata have, Varsity.

Although I missed the first annual “Dress for Success” Day, I was very excited to take the day off from school and learn a few things about Georgia and its capital. 

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Soraya Bagheri is an eighth grader at Couch Middle School.