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Turning Back the Hands of Time

Most of the women seeking treatment at About Face Skin Care are looking to improve the appearance of their face.  The most common second problem area is the neck.  However, the third most popular and booming area that we treat is the aging hand.

Other than the occasional manicure and hand lotion, clients often report they do nothing to protect and repair hands.  However, it is not only brittle nails and dry skin that happen over time.  Here are five issues that happen to the hands as we age, and some things we can do to “turn back the hand of time.”

1. Age Spots or Brown Patches-  The hands are very vulnerable to sun damage.  I find most customers forget to lather sunscreen on their hands daily, even if they are in a habit of using it on the face every day.  Driving puts the hands indirect UV rays and the effects accumulate yearly.  Age spots can begin to develop as early as the forties and will continue over time as the melanin distribution is affected.  What to do?  Try Lumecca Therapy.  The Lumecca is an IPL device that uses a flash lamp to break down brown and red pigment in the skin that is treated.  It can be used virtually anywhere on the body and also has skin tightening and collagen-stimulating effects, as well.

2. Thinning Skin on the Back of the Hand-  Even if you have been diligently slathering hand cream on over the years, you may notice the hands looking drier and scaly.  The skin may look thinner and even appear to bruise more easily with certain supplements and medications.  There are several medical-grade products that can help these issues.  Retinol Complete by Revisions Skincare is a product that can thicken tissue, as well as resurface dead skin cells.  Another fabulous product by Revisions is the Lumiquin Hand Repair.  Lumiquin is packed with antioxidants that brighten skin, repair imperfections and helps to lock moisture into the skin.

3. Boney and Veiny Hands-  As we age, we lose the natural fat pad on the back of the hand.  The result is thin hands with veins and bones protruding.  This volume loss makes the skin changes even more noticeable.  To replace the volume and make hands look more youthful, a small amount of injectable filler is gently placed beneath the skin through a small opening.  The filler attracts water from the body and the result is smoother skin with fewer protrusions.  This treatment has delighted many that are embarrassed by their “old lady hands.”

4. Dry Skin- Sure you can use expensive hand creams, but if the top, dead skin cell layer of the skin is thick, it will do little to revive the hands.  Consider a light chemical peel or dermaplaning treatment to remove this unwanted skin and instantly smooth the tissue.  Hand creams will then penetrate better, yielding a better result.

5. Brittle, Dry Nails –  This little know side effect of menopause can be very annoying.  Manicures and polish can help, but you can do more to repair the problem.  Consider DermaNail nail conditioner.  After 16 weeks of consecutive use, clients are amazed at the decrease in breaking, brittleness, chipping, cracking, peeling and splitting of their nails.  A bonus to this product is that satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.  

Don’t leave your hands out of your anti-aging habits.  Sometimes, they are your first impression.  If you are interested in any of the products or treatments, or any other information on About Face Skin Care, contact us to schedule a free consultation.  We are located in Snellville behind Lowes on Scenic Highway/ Highway 124.  We look forward to meeting you! or 770.935.FACE (3223)