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Ultherapy® can help tighten skin

We all know all about skin tightening and the inevitable loss of collagen that happens as we age. Many factors contribute to the breakdown of our precious proteins (collagen and elastin), including time (natural aging), the sun, free radical damage, and UVA damage: it all leads to sagging skin and a loss of elasticity, but at the core of this is a loss of collagen.

Valorie English, CPE, LLP

Sadly, there is a 7% reduction in skin thickness every ten years.

Ultherapy uses UltraSound technology to help rebuild collagen. By this point, you’ve read about it, and you know what it is. But did you know that a lighter version of Ultherapy is being utilized? It takes less time, hurts less, and costs less. Convinced yet?

Sometimes younger patients want something slightly stronger than the usual treatments but are not ready for something as strong as Ultherapy. Now there is a great option. A treatment called “The Sonic Lift.” This is effectively a lighter version of the traditional Ultherapy treatment-it’s more appropriate for women who are not yet ready for full-fledged Ultherapy.

Patients who are noticing changes in their skin and want to take preventive measures sometimes want something more advanced than using an antioxidant or getting a photo facial. Ultherapy is great because it speaks directly to rebuilding collagen. Traditionally, the more extensive Ultherapy protocols were targeted towards a more mature demographic: this Sonic Lift version addresses the needs of younger patients as well.

The treatment is done on the same machine, the Ultherapy, using a custom facial mapping protocol. The ultrasound energy is focused more on the superficial layers, versus traditional Ultherapy which goes much deeper. This helps build up collagen levels and combats early signs of skin laxity, like loss of firmness and elasticity, while tightening the skin, reducing overall pore size, softening fine lines and smoothing texture.

Valorie English has over 25 years experience providing aesthetic procedures in Gwinnett and has been with Gwinnett Dermatology for almost 18 years.

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