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Unlimited Options for a Meaningful Ceremony

Unlimited Options for a Meaningful Ceremony

Most of us have an idea in our mind of what a funeral service consists of. This may be based on our actual experiences, impressions we have from stories we’ve heard, or images we’ve seen in movies or on television.

tim st logo190Most of these are still very traditional, by-the-book services as prescribed by the particular church or religion organizing the ceremony.

Funerals and memorial services are about honoring a life and bringing together loved ones during a time of loss. It is also the first step in healing. While there is nothing wrong with traditional, a funeral or memorial service can be completely customized to meet the wishes of the deceased being honored, and the family who is recognizing the life of their loved one. If a traditionally organized church service is in keeping with the lifestyle and beliefs of the honoree, then tradition should reign. Even traditional services, today, though, may be customized to be more personal and creative.

Today, the service can be held anywhere and in any way. Whether it is a burial or cremation, a customized ceremony can honor a loved one in any way seen fit. This may be an informal gathering, a dinner, or a champaign toast. It may be held in a church, at a chapel, in a funeral home, or in a reception center, restaurant, park, or any special location that will accommodate the number of guests attending. 

Additional choices include the day of the week and time of day; who will lead the ceremony, such as a pastor, priest, funeral director, family member, or friend; musical selections, from hymns to pop, recorded or live; prayers, poetry, or other favorite readings; items to display such as mementos or pieces from a collection or hobby; keepsake gifts for attendees; and symbolic activities during the ceremony such as a dove, butterfly, or balloon release.

“A funeral isn’t just a time to mourn,” says Frankie Stewart, President of Tim Stewart Funeral Homes & Crematory. “It’s a time to celebrate the life of a loved one. That celebration or ceremony can be as unique as the person being honored.” 

If you want to learn about all of your options for cremation ceremonies, memorialization, and keepsakes, you may wish to contact Tim Stewart Funeral Homes & Crematory at (770) 962-3100.