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Unplugging this summer

Unplugging this summer
By Soraya Bagheri

Summer, a time to explore, become adventurous, and spend time with friends! However, our generation has their eyes stuck on a phone.

Soroya Bagheri

So, what’s the point of summer vacation if we all are going to be glued to the same screen everyday?

Technology has played a big role in today’s society. More kids under the age of ten years old have a cell phone or access to a device. 

Although, I am guilty of spending a good bit of time on my phone, this is how our generation stays “connected”! No, we do not spend countless hours calling and talking to our friends. Instead we spend our time quickly typing away with our thumbs, other wise known as texting.

The point is, technology in general, has created a positive and negative effect on everyone. How? Well in a positive perspective, phones have access to anything, anywhere, at anytime. You can catch up and see what long- distant friends and relatives are doing- thanks to social media. And phones also, easily access the internet-which has EVERYTHING. But what is it about technology that is negative?  More and more, devices and phones are impacting the skills that all of us need to become successful, which is, interaction. As technology increases, our generation’s ability to socialize verbally with one another decreases. Not only is it taking away from social interaction, but also our education. No surprise, teens rather spend time on Instagram, than doing their homework. As funny as it sounds, many teens can be in the same room, but the only way they will socialize is through text.

So, for this summer, how about we ALL change it up? Unplug and soak up the sun. Avoid your phones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc. and go spend some time with your friends.