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Use it wisely

Hi everyone!! Haven’t written in awhile and trust me. ... I’ve missed y’all.  

SO much going on in my household that I couldn’t find the time.  From my husband having a stroke to us losing our precious Sophie.  

Mandy Snell Harris

I have had a lot time to think about things AND notice more stuff.  First, y’all need to be nicer and more kind to each other.  From the crazy lady that is holding up the check out line,  to the slow driver riding their brakes in front of us.  Remember, everyone has a story.  Second,  and my irritating topic: politics.  Ugh.  

Don’t lose a friend or stop speaking to a family member because your political views are different.  Some of us are probably saying,  “really,  these are the two we have to choose from?” While others may be ecstatic about them.  Either way,  what a boring world we would live in if we all thought the same way.  Or wanted the same things in life, like the same house,  same car,  same clothes etc… you see my point.  Embrace the fact that we are free,  free to choose no matter the subject.  

I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat of a nice person.  Before my heart attack, I found myself yelling at crazy drivers and asking people what the hell is wrong with you?  Lol. Since my heart attack, I have noticed that I am way more patient with these people.  I wasn’t really trying to change,  it just came upon me.  I like it better this way. So before an illness or death comes into your lives, think about this: we’re not promised tomorrow.  However, it is a gift,  use it wisely.  

Go see your mom and dad more often, call that friend you haven’t talked to in months and of course. … hug yourselves.  

Much love to you all, hopefully I’ll see OR hear from most of you soon. 

Mandy Snell is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about growing up in Snellville and its history. Have any Growing up in Snellville stories to share? Comment below!