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Veterans honored in Snellville

Snellville residents, “Where Everybody’s Somebody,” along with scores of attendees from surrounding communities, gathered on the lawn in front of the majestic Snellville City Hall at dusk to honor veterans from every branch of service.

Button Gwinnett SAR, Athens SAR, Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR, William Day Chapter NSDAR. Front Row:  William Day Chapter Kris White, Philadelphia Winn Chapter Lynn Jacques, William Day Chapter Leslie Watkins, Philadelphia Winn Chapter First Vice Regent Ann Story, Philadelphia Winn Chapter Corresponding Secretary Lee Schermerhorn Back row: Button Gwinnett SAR Mike Watkins, Walker Chewning, Athens Chapter SAR Jay Guest, Scott Collins, BG SAR Bennie Koon, Eldon Evans, Bruce Maney, Fred Meyer

Snellville Veterans Event 2016 255 190 From left to right: Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR Corresponding Secretary Lee Schermerhorn, First Vice Regent Ann Story, Daughter Lynn JacquesMayor Tom Witts and Snellville City Council Member, Bobby Howard officiated.  Several notables, including Snellville VFW Commander Jimmy Jackson also addressed the group.

Local Chaplain Melvin Elverson and Pastor Trey Hilderbrand from the Snellville 12 Stone Church offered a prayer and benediction for the ceremony.

The Gwinnett County Community Band provided rousing musical accompaniments throughout the evening.

The Button Gwinnett SAR (Sons of the American Revolution), and Athens SAR were well represented in period dress with muskets blazing!

Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) greeted visitors with flags, bookmarks and informative literature detailing the purposes of their organization, historic preservation, education, and patriotism.

Snellville Veterans Event 2016 304 190From left to right: Jay Guest, Walker Chewning, Fred Meyer, President Button Gwinnett Chapter/State Militia Commander Bill Palmer, Gordon Woodard, Mike Watkins, Mike Ruff.  Also in attendance were John Ziegler, Don Loudermilk, Harry Kitchings, HODAR (husband of DAR) Tom Jacques, Melvin Buck, Jim Lynch

The evening came to a close after a reading of the Gettysburg Address, Laying of the Wreath, and SAR Musket Volley, followed by Taps.  Visitors were also given candles as lighted balloons were released into the starry night sky as the Gwinnett Community Band played Stars and Stripes—a truly grand finale to a memorable evening in honor of and with gratitude for veterans everywhere!

Special thanks to Wild Wings Cafe who donated the beautiful wreath.

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Photos by Lee Schermerhorn and HODAR Tom Jacques