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Vic Edens Heating and Cooling… referred by the neighbors

Vic Edens Heating and Cooling... referred by the neighbors
By Beth Volpert Johansen

When you own your own business, one of the best barometers of success can be measured by how often you find work by word-of-mouth. For Vic Edens, establishing his own company after working in the industry for 29 years came about with a sure and steady pace.

The driving force was referrals. He did an honest job for an honest wage so the marketing pretty much took care of itself. 

In 2009, with a newly established business of his own, Vic set about pouring his many years of experience into growing his customer base. “We like to say we are a new company with old-fashioned values and integrity,” says Vic. Finding a permanent building for the business led Vic to a building that exemplified old-fashioned value. “This space in downtown Grayson was built in the early 1900’s,” says Vic. “When it became available, I thought it was the perfect location and a really neat building too.” 

Being central to his client base became more important as his heat and air company grew. He was able to hire good, experienced personnel whom he personally vetted by calling former employers. “I was blessed to find Stephen, he has been a great asset.” With business going well, Vic is looking to expand his crews to maintain day-to-day and emergency services at the same level his customers have come to expect. 

While having a great location and solid employees is important, a strong business model is essential. Of course, Vic would like to sell and install new systems when it is called for, but he also likes to ensure customers are able to get the most from the systems they may already have. “We can evaluate a system to see where we can make improvements,” says Vic. “Simple fixes often have huge returns on energy bills.” The technicians can change airflow, balance the delivery of heat and air conditioning, and keep systems clean for maximum efficiency. 

Community involvement is something that seems to come easy in a county like Gwinnett. “We like to support the local business associations,” says Vic. “Local festivals and sports events show what a great place we have here.” 

Vic maintains his experiences have all come together to make Edens Heating and Cooling a success. “If you had asked me in high school, I would not have picked mechanical as a job,” says Vic. “I got into it after I returned from the service through a neighbor who had some apartments that needed work.” After watching the HVAC technicians who were always coming and going from one apartment to another, Vic told his boss that if he would buy him a book and the right tools, he was sure he could do a better job. Turned out, it was a great idea that led to a career. “I enjoy what I do,” says Vic. “I look forward each day to who I’m going to meet and what I can fix today.” 

For more information on Edens Heating and Cooling check out their website at: or call: 678.935.5065