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Nervous and excited to be a freshman

Nervous and excited to be a freshman

This is my first article that is being published as a new high school student! As a freshman at Grayson High School, I continued to get the question during the summer, “Are you excited or nervous for high school?”

So, in this article I’m going to clear the air and share with you what I’m nervous and excited for this school year.

To start, I’m nervous for waking up at what seems to be the crack of dawn.  I know that most of all students became very comfortable with not having to go to school until 9:15 in the mornings. However, this year I am waking up around 6 a.m. to arrive at school at 7:15. Other than totally dreading waking up that early, I fear of forgetting anything from my lunch to homework assignments.  And without a doubt, I count on having days where sleeping will get the best of me, so showing up in sweat pants might happen!

Maintaining my grades scares me a bit too! I’ve always been an honor roll student, so balancing out classes and extracurricular to keep up my grades never was a problem. However, this year is the first year it truly counts! My toughest challenge in high school may be keeping a high GPA. Good grades have always been a top priority to me, but now I have to make sure I don’t let sports or any of my after school activities get the best of me.

On the other hand, I’m very excited for the Friday night football games. Since both of my older cousins used to play for Grayson High School, I would always attend their games growing up. I remember sitting in the stands with my family always cheering “Go Rams!” or “Lets go #74 and 72!” while seeing all the students cheer the same thing.  Although, as a 6 year old, I barely had an idea of what was going on compared to everyone else who wasn’t in elementary school! This year I will attend the games as a Grayson High School student, which is really exciting and crazy at the same time. I’ll stand in student section (the back, with the rest of the freshman), all covered in green and gold from head to toe.

I’m also excited about being apart of the Grayson High School cross country team, and student council. As a member of the student council, we plan events for around the school; take part in community service projects, help set up for homecoming activities, etc. And as for cross- country, this is something new I have picked up! I’m excited to run with some of my new teammates and try something new out!

And finally, I’m excited to go to school with all of my friends. By that I mean combining schools with Bay Creek and Couch Middle School. And that seems to be a big part of high school. Enjoying it. I know middle school felt like it went by quickly, and that was only 3 years, so what’s one more? Even though I am nervous for some things, I am very excited to take on the next 4 years with the people I shared cubbies with in kindergarten, and those who I asked a pencil from in middle school. So, here’s to starting off a great Grayson year.

*** You can now start communicating with What Goes Around… now!! Any comments, suggestions, and/or questions, email: Soraya Bagheri is a freshman at Grayson High School.