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Was there life before cell phones?

I am sure that just like me you have wondered, "what did we do before cell phones?" Well.... We did just fine!!! I'm not denying that they come in handy, especially during an emergency. But wow!!

Mandy Snell Harris

They have made us become very rude and even dangerous!! When I was waiting tables/bartending I would say, I’ll be back when you’re ready. No, I wasn’t being rude, they were. Most all of them would catch my drift and hang up. I was getting a pedi the other day and I always consciously make sure to put my phone away. That doesn’t mean I won’t answer it, but I tell the person I will call them back…. And I do. I want to make small talk with the person attending to me and maybe even the customer sitting next to me. (if they are not on their phone)!!  I saw a great idea the other day where co-workers put their phones in the middle of the table and who ever answered theirs had to pay the tab!!!  Outstanding idea, huh?? We all are missing out on soooo much by having these little devices be such a huge part of our everyday lives! It’s actually an easy fix.  I don’t need to tell you what the fixes are… They are all right in front of us. Friends, kids, parents etc… I’m guilty too of some of these, but I have made lots of changes. ESPECIALLY while driving!! I may take a call on speaker, but it’s brief. Texting…. No, no, no!!! Pull over … Please!! Too many lives are being taken because of a text.

DON’T DO IT!!  Remember when you would leave your house, call the person(s) you were planning on meeting and then hell…. Show up!! We could put that ease back into our routine with just a little effort. Here’s an idea… Paint your thumb nail red, yes men too, this will remind you every time you forget and start to text or return a text. It works!!!!

Arrive Alive…. You are loved!! Go back to old school for a week, you’ll be surprised the ease of it…. Not to mention, teach those teenagers how we did it….  And got along just peachy!! So put down that phone and talk to that frazzled lady in line behind you…. You might make her day!! Much love to you all, and if you see me, I WOULD LOVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOU, I promise!! Hang up and drive… Love y’all, hug yourselves… Till next time……..

Mandy Snell is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about growing up in Snellville and its history. Have any Growing up in Snellville stories to share? Comment below!