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We have to do something!

Letter to the Editor: We have to do something!

I am a resident of Haynes Crossing, on Grayson Parkway, for 13 years; our sister community is Haynes Preserve.

The other communities also bordering Grayson Parkway and Ridgedale Drive SW I am absolutely sure are highly concerned over the increase of car accidents and deaths at this  intersection, as well as on the 'curve' in the road fronting Haynes Crossing. We have to do something!

If a simple light and rumble strips will help motorists become more aware of their driving and save lives – it will be well worth it. We are very interested in getting information on how to get the following:

1) Botts’ Dots or rumble strips placed on the turn-in lane for Haynes Preserve (motorists use this lane as a means of getting around the car waiting to make a left onto Ridgedale Drive SW). We strongly feel that if dots or strips were placed on this line it will deter cars from crossing it; at the very least ‘slow them down’.

2) Also, add a yellow flashing light on Grayson Parkway directly in front of Ridgedale Drive SW (so many accidents/deaths here; for one cars have to stick themselves way out to see if anyone is coming from their left due to overgrown grass/hanging tree branches; then look right…motorists not heeding to oncoming traffic-flashing light might help make them pay better attention).

3) Add a small line of dots or rumble strips on ‘curve’ adjacent to Haynes Crossing.

4) Make speed limit 45 mph for the entire length of Grayson Parkway; remove the 50 mph sign (motorists interpret 50 mph to mean go 60+ mph taking the curve in the road way too fast, and shooting past Ridgedale Drive SW way too fast).

Within just a short two months we have witnessed two people too many die in car accidents here. Not to mention car wrecks with no fatalities. As the population in this area increases so are the accidents. This road has many U.S. Postal trucks, School Buses, Garbage Trucks … if we can’t get this done for our families do it for them.  Help, please!

If we can get more people to Speak Up – we can get the help we need for all who use these roads.


Letter to the Editor:
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