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We learn by doing

 How do we learn? How did you learn to walk, drive a car, or bake a cake? I bet you learned by doing.

Katie Hart Smith

Like with your first steps, they were a bit wobbly at first. And, like with your first time behind the wheel of a car, I can imagine it was overwhelmingly scary (Especially, if you learned to drive in Atlanta!). Was your first cake a Pinterest picture perfect “nailed it?”

When you set out to accomplish something, did you know that is perfectly alright to fail? A misstep in the wrong direction gives you the opportunity to reflect on lessons learned, reset your course direction, pick yourself up and dust yourself off, and not see yourself as a victim filling your head with self-doubt and self-deprecating thoughts. Learning is a process. It is in that process that we are enlightened with self-discovery and find our hidden gifts. I encourage you to strive forth with a passion, tenacity, and drive to try again. With all of the life skills you are acquiring throughout your journey, you have to learn by actually doing and not just talking about the necessary steps and tasks to achieve your desired outcome.

How do we learn? We tend to read or watch and observe others how it’s done or perhaps you prefer to attend a conference or join a like-minded group or association. Today, if we need to learn something new, it’s easy to listen to a podcast, watch a YouTube video, or “Google” research it. It is in the “doing” that matters.

Is there something you would like to accomplish in your life? Then set out and do it, doing your absolute best in this very moment. Give yourself permission to start now, learning along the way to become better and better at your profession, craft, or talent. It took decades for Leonardo da Vinci to define his style and paint the Mona Lisa. Michelangelo, although considered a sculptor, was commissioned to create the frescoed-ceiling in the Sistine Chapel in 1508; a project that took four years to complete. In 1536 while in his 60’s, Michelangelo was asked to paint The Last Judgment located behind the altar, completing it in 1541. It all begins with a first step of following your heart and doing what makes you the happiest. While it can take decades to become an expert, why not start now? When you look back at your life’s accomplishments, you can take pride in your successes no matter how small or big they are. It all matters; you matter. Find peace and do what you love, first; the rest will follow.

Are you a self-directed individual or do you need coaching and mentoring?

Depending on your answer to the above question, write out your plans, create a vision board, or seek out someone to help guide your realization into your life’s aspirations. Simply look at your reflection in the mirror and connect with your inner spirit, without comparing yourself to another’s life journey. Make it your own, own it, and glorify God by using the talents He’s already gifted to you. God created you. He lives within you. He loves you. Be His light and go forth and do good things for others in this world. You’ll be amazed to see what doors open for you when you are brave enough to let go of fear, and you are willing to walk your own path.

My gift to you this holiday season is my encouragement for you to step up, step out, and step into action.
I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, the happiest of holidays, and joyous New Year. Thank you for your kind words and uplifting feedback about the “From the Heart” column. I feel blessed beyond measure to be able to walk in the light, inspiring others.

Many blessings from my family to yours, ~ Katie

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