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We shop local, why not BANK local?

In a world where our cars are made overseas, our groceries come from every country in the world, and “Customer Service” for many of our needs is manned by employees all over the globe, sometimes it’s nice to find companies who work in the very communities in which we live.

Banking is no different: between national chain banks, headquartered in other parts of the country, and local banks that have been bought, merged, and sold over and over again while changing policies, fees and staff at every turn, it is often difficult to know where you can go for consistency and local decisions.

One such local business, Legacy State Bank located in Loganville, Georgia, is just that- a locally owned and operated bank where owners, shareholders, and customers alike are vested in the community in which they live. Loan decisions are made locally by people who know the business community and know the challenges faced by business owners and residents in the Tri-Cities. If an issue arises with an account, a customer doesn’t call New York, Little Rock or Charlotte to find help, but the help comes from right down the street, from the same bank executives that customers interact with every day. In addition, the loan department and deposit operations are housed right in the community as well.  The bank has never been sold, and many of the same faces have been smiling at customers for all eleven years that Legacy State Bank has been in existence.

Legacy State Bank also prides itself in knowing and investing in the local community it serves. From interaction through local charities to business development through the Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce, to hosting events such as the city of Loganville’s monthly “Morning Mingle,” the bank and its employees truly make a case for being “citizen servants.”

And it only makes sense; the majority of the bank’s employees and 500 shareholders are from, and live in, the community surrounding it! They work, play, shop and eat in the Loganville/ Grayson/ Snellville area, and are vested in the success and development of the businesses and consumers they serve.

When deciding where to trust your financial future, and if you are tired of being a “number,” investigate the opportunity to do your banking at a locally owned and operated bank, one with longevity in the marketplace, a proven track record of success and customer service, and where employees go out of their way to get to know you – the person.

As Legacy State Bank is fond of saying: “Our legacy is around us every day; it lives in our customers’ smiles and in the way we help our fellow man… our legacy IS our community!”  

For more information about how Legacy State Bank can help you develop YOUR financial legacy, call 770.554.BANK, go to, or drop by the Loganville office at 3825 Harrison Rd. today!