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What about color?

One of the questions I answer most often is about color. Should the window treatment match the wall color or the trim color?

Joan Miller

If we are installing blinds or Plantation shutters, matching the window molding is generally the popular choice. The window treatment color will blend with the window molding and provide a uniform appearance. There are times when we don’t follow that rule exactly, but it is really more a personal preference. What’s right for one person may not be right for another.

Hard treatments such as decorative shades should blend or contrast with colors on the wall. Sometimes we will choose a shade color that blends with the trim. There really is not a hard and fast rule about selecting colors for shades. Remember that it has to look good to you since you will be living with your choices!

When we are working with fabrics, color selection is different. Draperies and toppers should contrast with wall color for a bold statement. If the walls are light, darker colors and patterns are going to stand out and become a focal point in that room. If the walls are dark, contrasting colors work well or even fabrics in lighter colors look good. All of the fabric selections, of course will be dictated by the room décor and other fabric colors and patterns on upholstery and rugs.

Coordinating hard and soft treatments and selecting colors to complement your home does not come easily for everyone. Call Joan for a consultation. 404 918-5288 or visit