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What’s hot in the world of window treatments?

I like to watch Home Remodeling and Real Estate type TV shows. What I see there reflects the latest in design trends in new construction and remodeling in our area. The minimal look & feel predominates.

The gray tones are most popular with splashes of accent colors. I heard one of the Property Brothers say that if you don’t see your color palette on the Home Improvement websites or TV shows, then you should change it. I certainly DO NOT agree with that, but I am not in the business of remodeling someone’s home either.  I work with what is already in the home and the colors that make you happy. And as we know, trends come and trends go.

So, back to the clean lines. Drapery panels continue to be a wonderful, easy, and not over the top expensive way to add warmth and color into your home.  If you have shopped for drapery panels, you know the sizes and colors are limited. If you truly desire a unique look that fits the style of your space perfectly, then custom is the way to go.

Patterns are a good way to add interest or texture into your décor. Geometric patterns are popular and available in a wide variety of colors. Geometrics will complement many decors and work well with solid colors or even floral patterns. 

There are lots of beautiful drapery rods and finials (not available in your typical big box stores) on which to hang your drapes and create that coordinated, finished look.  The diameter of the rod makes a difference, especially if the room is large or has high ceilings. Scale is as important as fabric and color selection.

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