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What’s missing…

I’m in the gym most every day training clients, teaching a class or just doing my personal workouts. I feel like a momma bear looking out for the ladies at the gym making sure every one is safe and doing the exercises with the right form.

Often I notice two things missing from most ladies workout routines; stretching and pushing themselves.

Kelly Farris,  ACSM CPT

Stretching is important!

1. Stretching increases flexibility and decreases risk of injury. 

2. Stretching also just feels good and is relaxing.

3. As we age, we lose flexibility along with eyesite – it’s the first thing to go.

Adding stretching to your routine is easy. Join a yoga or pilates class, or hire a trainer to help you design a quality stretching program. You can also view internet resources for more ideas. 

Change it up!

Do  you see the same people doing the same exercises week after week sometimes for years doing the same size weights, same reps, same speeds on a treadmill?

After about six weeks our bodies start to acclimate to the same exercising. Doing the same exercise routines is better than doing nothing, but keeps us the same. To see changes you have to change up how you exercise. 

Try a new class or different cardio equipment and routines. Make up your own cardio workouts by doing some interval training. Research internet resources or ask the desk  or floor people at your gym for ideas. They usually know the latest exercises. Get a little sweat going and push yourself a little more and you’ll see big changes.

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