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What to do now to pay for college tuition later

School has officially started and with it comes the annual task of rebooting routines including homework assignments, extracurricular activities, organizing car pool duties and so much more.

What to do now to pay for college tuition later

For some parents, purchasing the extensive school supply list is followed quickly by a worry that they need to prepare funds for college tuition down the road. No matter the age of the student, this thought rings through the minds of both young and seasoned parents, causing sleepless nights years before the money is even needed.

Next to buying a home and saving for retirement, preparing for college education is one of the largest financial goals facing families today. Here are two ways to get started with financing your child’s education:

1) As college education costs continue to rise, look into prepaid tuition. This allows you to purchase tuition units at any state college or university at today’s prices. An advantage of this type of plan is that your payments lock in future college costs. 

2) Start saving early. Talk with your United Community Bank team member today to learn about the many options available to help make the most of a savings plan. Many of the savings plans can be used for undergraduate and graduate costs at any accredited college, including tuition, room and board.

Schedule an appointment with someone from your local United Community Bank today or stop by one of our convenient locations. Together, we can help you determine your best options by looking at your goals, life stage and your whole financial picture. You can reach Ginger Kilman in Snellville at 770-985-2337 or Nancy Cain in Lawrenceville at 678-376-3013.