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When choosing a window treatment

When choosing a window treatment, custom is the best way to get the desired look and feel that you want. It can be accomplished without breaking the bank and when done, the results will be worth every penny.

Joan Miller

Consider drapery panels as a classic and classy way to add a polished and finished look to any windows in your home.The overall space next to the windows should determine how full or wide to make the panels. For example, if you have a large wall with one double window and lots of wall space on either side of the window, the panels should be at least a width and a half. Typically, fabric comes in widths of about 55”. Once the pleats are added and the panels are hung, that will equate to about 18”-20” or as we refer to it, 1 width of drapery on your windows. A width and a half would make the window appear larger with about 28” of drapery width on the wall. 

When choosing drapery hardware for panels, we like to use a rod that extends at least 4 – 6” beyond the window frame; more if there is adequate wall space. Again, the idea is to keep as much of the window area open as possible and by hanging the rod at least 6” above the window frame will achieve that, too. 

The drapery hardware choices are endless. For large panels, it is best to use a rod that can handle the weight. An inexpensive metal rod cannot do that job. It’s best to choose a wooden rod, either 1 3/8” or 2”- 2 ½” in diameter that will support the fabric weight without sagging.

Another great treatment to consider would be Roman Shades. Roman Shades can be made in many different styles and will add a beautiful finishing touch to a kitchen area or even a kid’s bedroom. Relaxed styles give a more casual look and accents such as a contrasting band can be added for some visual interest. The Roman shade can be mounted inside or outside the window frame depending on the type of window and the design envisioned. They can be made with cordless lift or even stationary to hang underneath drapery panels. 

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