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Whispers in the Wind

Have you ever heard a whisper in the wind – a gut feeling that was telling you that something was desperately not right? Or, perhaps it was a sense of overwhelming calm and stillness that comforted you, reassurance that you were in exactly the right place and time.

Katie Hart Smith

Gut feelings are not something to ignore. They are primal and are telling us about our environment faster than we can process the thoughts and put them into words.

I heard about a young lady who was about ready to take her first step down the matrimonial aisle. She got a gnawing feeling in the pit of her stomach. A wave of nausea followed. Despite downing multiple shots of whiskey that were smuggled in from the mini bar in the awaiting limo by the bridesmaids, her father turned to her and said, “It’s still not too late to turn back.” Brushing the feelings aside and afraid of disappointing the groom and guests, the “I do’s” were exchanged. The bride endured years of abuse. The marriage finally dissolved; they divorced.

Whispers of impending chaos and drama, like swirling winds, can toss and tumble you around like a crisp withered leaf. When the whispers become amplified, it’s important to listen to what your body is telling you. Stop and evaluate the situation. What is making you feel this way? Your emotions and feelings are valid. Never negate how your body unconsciously responds to certain people or situations.

Conversely, the whispers in the wind can make you feel like everything is calmly blowing in the right direction, like when you turn on the radio in the car and your favorite song is playing or that you catch all of the green lights on the way to work. The perfect day is set in motion; a happy and positive attitude follows, reassurance that everything is as it should be.

In April, my cousin, Nancy, and her husband, Neal, both in their mid-70s, visited me on their return trip from Florida as they headed back to their multi-generational farm in Indiana. As we concluded our visit, a whisper on the wind caught me off guard, the thought saying, “This will be the last time you see him.” I immediately cupped Neal’s face in my hands and told him how much I loved him. Those were my last words to him. Two months later, Neal collapsed at his home and passed away.

Learn to listen to the whispers in the wind? What do you hear?

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