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Why Online And Mobile Banking Is Good For Business.

Small business has always been the backbone of our economy especially in providing positive impact locally and nationally. However, limited resources, customer or employee attraction and retention, the fluctuating economy and individual market trends can all present many challenges for business owners.

Online and mobile banking

Despite these challenges, managing business finances in today’s market can be easier and more efficient with the right tools in place like online and mobile banking. Here are just a few ways online and mobile banking from your financial institution can help your business:

1. Get Paid: The lifeblood behind business is cashflow. When payments come in, the business can continue to operate and keep the lights on for another day. Businesses with service technicians or employees out in the field accepting paper checks as payment can have those checks deposited immediately into the business account from their mobile device. United Community Bank’s Mobile Deposit feature allows convenient, secure check deposits to your United account without having to make a special trip to your local branch.

2. Stay on Top of Your Account: Keeping an eye on your business accounts is easy with online and mobile banking, both for quick glances or more detailed information. With online and mobile banking, you can bank on your schedule – transferring funds or setting up recurring bill payments to make the process automatic. United is at your side, even while you are burning the midnight oil or stuck in an airport on the other side of the country. 

3. Get the App: These days, apps are everywhere. United has a mobile business banking app specifically designed for business account customers. When using the app with a smartphone or tablet, you only need to open the app to have instant access to your account dashboard and a full range of options and services. Easily transfer funds, make payments and much more.

At United Community Bank, we believe technology does not replace face to face relationships, but online and mobile banking gives you added support when your business needs it.