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Wild Birds Unlimited…

Wild Birds Unlimited...
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

Community is literally for the birds at Snellville’s Wild Birds Unlimited. In a big-box world, the smaller boutique shop has to offer something special. In the case of Wild Birds Unlimited, there are several special somethings going on at the local shop that finds a little part of itself in backyards all over the community. 

Greetings are important in an independent business. In the case of Wild Birds Unlimited, patrons are met at the door by a smiling furball named Beau who really likes to hold “hands”. The collie sits in his sunspot watching the world go by as store owners, Kevin and Cindy Anderson, and their staff of Certified Birding Specialists interact with new and established customers. He waits patiently for the door to open so he can perform his duty as official greeter. 

Duty is something Kevin and Cindy both know about. Retired from Middle East military operations as a Naval Reservist, Senior Advisor for the Department of State, and Department of the Army, Kevin is happy to be working in a more tranquil setting. “We are enjoying being the local subject-matter specialists in backyard birding,” says Kevin. “Backyard birding is a serious matter to the hobbyists who spend their time watching, feeding, and caring for the wild bird population.” The hobbyists who invest in their own backyard habitats take the duty to provide safe, healthy, and robust places for wild birds to live, nest, raise young, and stay nourished very seriously. 

With a network of backyards linked through the shop, patrons connect with one another through photos of the feathered visitors to their yards. They also love to watch the live bird watching feeds Cindy puts up on the big screen in the shop. “They are fascinating,” says Cindy. “We enjoy watching the daily changes.” Both the photos and live birding feeds are something to talk about when visiting the shop and provide evidence that the community is serious about the hobby. “Wild Birds Unlimited brings a level of expertise in a very positive shopping experience,” says Kevin. “We provide a high quality product and extensive training for our staff.” The products and training translate into a service to the customer that is reminiscent of the days when most shops were locally owned and operated. It means you are dealing with a neighbor and, according to Kevin, that is among the most important aspects when you own your own business.

Please visit them at 1630 Scenic Hwy, Kroger Shopping Center, or call 770-982-2650 for more information.

Wild Birds Unlimited Snellville
1630 Scenic Hwy S, Snellville, 
GA 30078
(Presidential Commons Shopping Center – Hwy 124)
(770) 982-2650