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Women’s co-working space, concept thrives in Peachtree Corners

Kimberly Graver is a woman on a mission. As CEO and Founder of Peachtree Corners-based e-Transform, Graver is passionate about two things: cutting-edge business practices, and the unique challenges women face in the business world.

The August 12, 2017 e-Transform co-working launch photo includes members of Woman University as well as key women  committed to making this unique workplace solution a success.

What else would an outside-of-the-box entrepreneur do with her passions? Create a distinctive business opportunity. In 2014, that’s just what she did.

Kimberly Graver, e-Transform Founder & CEOKimberly Graver, e-Transform Founder & CEO“We launched the first female-centric think tank, geared toward dealing with the unique business and personal challenges women face. There were eight members; since then, four of those have gone on to start their own businesses,” said Graver. Graver’s creation, e-Transform, combines proactive customer engagement, marketing, support and a diverse, high-energy approach to businesses of any size, acting more as a partner than a vendor to clients.

“Our office in Peachtree Corners was originally a call center for e-Transform. Because many of the call center employees telecommute, we were left with a beautiful office space that was underutilized,” Graver said. Realizing that the concept of co-working spaces is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s workplace, Graver once again put her passions into play to launch another endeavor. “As women, we give – a lot. We give to our careers, our families, our commitments. We have to learn to replenish ourselves, in all ways, in order to keep giving.”

The e-Transform logo, recently unveiledThe e-Transform logo, recently unveiledThe e-Transform logo, recently unveiled the result of that realization is e-Transform Women’s Co-working, a women-centric co-working community. Not only does the center offer beautiful, well-designed office space on just about any scale a client might need, professional women clients also enjoy meditation areas, yoga, and meditation classes, spa services, exercise groups, music and tasteful décor. “This unique, well-planned concept creates a collaborative network of professionals across many industries to broaden the services each company offers,” said Camille Burch, Marketing Director for e-Transform. For hourly, daily or monthly fees (depending on the client’s needs), conference rooms, Internet and wi-fi, printers, scanners and other office equipment, even coffee, and kitchen services are available.

“The synergy of working side by side with other female entrepreneurs injects a new energy and perspective into our collective work. It’s exciting to be a part of this cutting-edge endeavor,” Burch said.

The Co-working center is a vibrant, energetic space designed with the unique challenges of women at the forefront, in every detailThe Co-working center is a vibrant, energetic space designed with the unique challenges of women at the forefront, in every detailAs the first major initiative of the co-working space, e-Transform recently announced a collaboration with Woman University, a life-changing coaching program designed to empower women, helping them to discover and nurture their talents, unleashing their hidden potential. To date, Woman University has had over 100 businesswomen pass through its doors, an impressive testament to the value of such a program. Upcoming e-Transform Women’s Co-working Open House dates:

Sept. 9 – ended 
Sept. 12 – ended
Sept. 30 – 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

e-Transform Women’s Co-working is located at 3850 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite 240, in Peachtree Corners. Phone 833-269-6636. Email Visit their website at, to learn more about the organization’s philosophies, co-working opportunities, and future plans.