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Ya Don’t Say

Ya Don’t Say
By Julia B Casper

Do you need a gift idea (Mother’s Day, Thank You, Birthday etc…)?

“Ya Don’t Say” is a recently published fifty-page collection of Southern expressions. Read and enjoy reflecting on some familiar old-time sayings, as well as, new ones for your acquaintance.

The book was collaboration between my mother and me, written as a gift to one of my Northern friends. Shortly after the work was completed, my mother passed away. As a tribute to my mother, and preservation of my memories and Southern heritage, I decided to seek a publisher.

“Ya Don’t Say”, is available as an 8×8 full color paperback book through three online locations: (offers the lowest price $20.99), and

It is also available in e book form.

I trust you will enjoy this conversation piece and may even get a few laughs. – Julia