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You never want to look Thixty

As you can imagine, my career in the anti-aging business has brought me many experiences. My relationships with my clients are one of the most gratifying parts of my life. Along with the skill and expertise that you must have to create a successful medical spa practice comes a responsibility to do what is best for the client. A woman who originally has the intention of brightening her skin can become more open to the idea of anti-aging treatments and start relying heavily on injectable fillers, chemical peels, and Botox. This is where it is my responsibility to “cut them off.”

Chrissy Thomas, RN, Cosmetic Nurse Injector, Anti-Aging Specialist

We recently purchased a large piece of equipment that required the company to send a trainer for our staff. After a few visits, the young woman pulled me aside and asked if I would mind doing a consultation for her. She said that our staff looked fresh and youthful, unlike many of the offices she visited where the staff had more obvious changes in their appearance than she was comfortable with having. This was the biggest compliment I could ever get. My goal is to keep everyone I treat, and everyone treated by my company looking fresh and natural.

I recently saw a joke on social media that said, “Thixty- a woman between thirty and sixty who has had so many cosmetic procedures that you cannot tell how old she is.”

When you look at some of the popular reality television shows, you can see perfect examples of this concept. When lips are too full, cheeks are too puffy, brows are too arched, foreheads are frozen, and skin is “plastic” smooth, the human face can look exactly alike and not very attractive in some cases.

A few years ago, a young actress underwent so many surgeries that she changed her late 20’s appearance to looking like she could be 30 or even 40. Her budding career was soon a household joke. A sad lesson for young women everywhere.

My goal and the About Face Skin Care way of treating clients focus more on restoration. When treating the sagging face, an injectable filler is a wonderful tool to restore lost volume to the upper cheek, mouth corners or even lips to make the tissue look like it did five to seven years earlier. It is even possible to give a slightly fuller lip without creating the illusion of fake lips. True rejuvenation and restoration focus on looking at the balance of the entire face and repairing the deficits. Exfoliating and treating the skin surface to brighten and make the skin one color is an amazing anti-aging trick, but overstimulating the skin can create a glossy, inflamed surface. Having a professional who knows how to customize a treatment plan for you is imperative.

Thixty year-olds often get caught up in looking at one body part, such as lips or jowls. I have often said I should purchase stock in magnifying mirrors. When a client is completely fixated on one part of the face, I know I need to have a discussion about balance.

The face should be in balance when divided in three; the eye area, the nose and cheek area and the lower face and lip area. If someone uses Botox to excess in the eye and forehead area creating a very smooth look and doesn’t address lips that are deflating and sitting inside the mouth, the face has lost its balance.

The Thixty year-olds tend to lose balance by using injectable fillers to over-inflate the cheek and lip areas. Restoring any of these three areas that are losing its volume or starting to sag can create a very natural, refreshed appearance.

Often, clients will return to About Face for a recheck after a procedure and I can’t even remember what treatment we have done at the previous visit until I look in the chart. I see a fresh, happy client. I consider that SUCCESS!

Natural anti-aging is possible. Do not fear injectable fillers and Botox, just know your provider and have a clear understanding of what you are going to look like after treatment. And please, for the sake of all of us cosmetic providers that fight the bad name that these incredible products have been given, do not strive to be a Thixty-year-old!!

If you would like to learn more about the treatments available at About Face Skin Care, schedule a free consultation appointment at 770-935-FACE (3223) or online at www. We can’t wait to meet you!